Clinton Manhattan Community Information

Public schools around the area of Clinton Manhattan are managed by The New York City Department of Education, a municipal government of the city that manages the entire city's public school system, which is the largest school system in the United States. Over 1,500 schools and over 1 million students attend schools within the city. New York City's public school system is considered the most progressive school system in the country due to their experimental methods in education, and especially the implementation of utilizing smaller school and classroom environments for a more concentrated curriculum and connection between students. Some of the public schools around the Clinton Manhattan area (Region 9) include PS 1 Alfred E. Smith (Grades K-5), PS 6 Lillie D. Blake School (Grades K-5), Independence High School (Grades 10-12), and Park West High School (Grades 9-12).

Economy/Job Market
Clinton Manhattan's reputation in New York continues to rise as more housing complexes and buildings are constructed to give the neighborhood an even greater presence than what it used to be. And with growing enterprises come a growing economy, which Clinton Manhattan does not lack. Retail trades, the food service industry, headquarters of major companies (such as broadcast studios), and theatrical capital of the world, the job market in Clinton Manhattan is limited only by one's imagination. From aspiring actors and actresses looking for that next part on Broadway to business men and women seeking a company job in Midtown's business district to fashion designers and sellers in the Garment District, the myriad of options for employment is dizzying.

Attractions/Points of Interest
The Clinton Manhattan neighborhood overlaps the eastern boundary at Eighth Avenue where Times Square is located, which is well known as its theater district featuring Broadway and Off Broadway plays. With Clinton Manhattan being so close to Broadway theaters and broadcasting television studios, the area is also recognized as an actor's neighborhood as both aspiring and established actors have made the area a haven for actors and actresses. As the Clinton Manhattan neighborhood is at the center surrounding Midtown, its proximity to New York City's more traditional landmarks such as the Empire State Building, The Statue of Liberty, Central Park, and the famous Metropolitan Museum of Art are only a short distance away in their respective direction.

Ninth Avenue on the West Side is a culturally diverse area where many of the popular restaurants are located. Restaurant Row on 46th Street in Midtown Manhattan between 8th and 9th Avenue is a section comprised of a stretch of small restaurants such as Becco's and Sangria Lattanzi and features food of much diversity from American, Greek, Italian to Mexican, Thai, and Turkish restaurants. Every May, one of the oldest street fairs and a favorite among New Yorkers, The 9th Avenue Association's International Food Festival, is held that stretches from 37th to 57th Street. Over a million visitors attend the festival every year to celebrate an appreciation for cultural diversity through food and entertainment.

The Clinton Community Garden, on West 48th Street between 9th and 10th Avenue, was created in 1977 as part of a cleanup effort by residents of the area to clean up the debris of a 28 year old vacant and turned it into a community garden where volunteers can participate in gardening and maintaining the well-being of all plant life in the park. The Garden is officially a park land under license from the New York City Parks Department and is open all year round. A key to the Garden can be obtained by anyone who lives or works within the Clinton area of 34th and 59th Street.

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